Wendé Anne Maunder – Healing Body, Mind and Spirit


Free Consultation

A confidential health check is made at the start of the first treatment.

Business Hours

Monday to and including Saturday. From 11am, last treatment to finish at 6:30pm.


A deposit may be required for treatments of more than two hours duration.

Why Caduceus?


The name Caduceus on my logo came from my love of Greek Mythology. The Caduceus meaning, “herald’s staff”, was carried by Iris, goddess of healing and the rainbow. It was given to her by the queen goddess Hera, wife of Zeus; together they ruled over all the other gods.

The two serpents coiled around its handle are the Greek equivalent of the yin/yang logo representing; night and day; hot and cold; dry and wet; sun (male), and moon (female) etc.

It felt appropriate to call my business Caduceus, and to use the logo with two serpents twined around its handle, which for me, also symbolises my belief in the holistic benefits of combining both conventional medicine and complementary therapies when dealing with disease of all types. The BMA logo is the rod of the god of medicine Aesclepius, with only one snake.

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The foremost priority to all the treatments provided here, is for me to assess all the requirements, and the current health status of each individual client in complete confidence.

An holistic approach is necessary and I keep a confidential record of their medical histories, and the state of their physical, mental and emotional health.



My suppliers guarantee that all essential oils are whole, with no additives. Neither are they standardised or altered in any way.

My bases are all plant-derived, with no mineral or animal ingredients. They are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans. No women or children are exploited during their production.



Wendé and I worked together in a Health Spa for six years until she left in 2001 to work full time from her own tranquil healing room.

I’m delighted to recommend Wendé. She is a superb therapist and a very special person, truly one of natures healers. All that she does is from her heart. Her clients think the world of her and so do I.June H